The Sound Choice® Verified Compliance Safe Harbor Program

This Verified Compliance Safe Harbor (VCSH) Program is for venues that hire a Karaoke Host who supplies his or her own soundtracks to put on a karaoke show on the venue's premises.

It is designed to give karaoke venues the ability to avoid being sued by Sound Choice in the event that the venue's karaoke host uses pirated material to put on a show.

A karaoke venue is any location where a karaoke show is put on for a commercial purpose. If a karaoke host is being compensated in any form (whether in cash, beer, or otherwise) or the purpose is to provide entertainment alongside other paid activities, it is considered to be "commercial."

This includes bars and restaurants that use karaoke as entertainment, either regularly or occasionally. It also includes wedding halls, clubs, fairs, and special events.

Our site is undergoing redevelopment at this time. If you own or represent a venue and would like to sign up for the VCSH Program, please download and fill out the following form:

Download the VENUE form

If you are a host and you wish to register your business as a provider, please download and fill out the following form:

Download the HOST form

(Please note that the purpose of the host form is to provide information to Sound Choice about your operations in order to verify your compliance with Sound Choice's Media-Shifting Policy.

Completed forms may be:
  • FAXED to 888-287-8622, or
  • EMAILED to, or
  • MAILED to Sound Choice, 12245 Nations Ford Rd, Suite 505, Pineville, NC 28134.